The PROTECTILE is designed to render conventional bullets less-lethal. When attached to the firearm it encases the factory ammunition in order to avoid fatal injury.
Worldwide, law enforcement officers have often had no other choice but to use lethal force. After an incident in Austria where an unarmed juvenile offender was shot Gunsmith Heribert Seidler and Engineer Kurt Peter from Austria developed a less-lethal projectile – the PROTECTILE.
The less-lethal PROTECTILE is a 2 inch spherical composite projectile. To prevent lethal force the plug of the PROTECTILE is inserted into the muzzle of the barrel and a live round is fired. The lethal bullet is captured safely within the PROTECTILE hitting the attacker at about 100 joules. This equals the hard punch from a boxer. The semi automatic function of the firearm is maintained and the next lethal cartridge is loaded. The operator can choose to insert another less-lethal PROTECTILE or lethal force can be released immediately. The officer stays armed at all times.
The outstanding feature of this patented invention is the fact that law enforcement officers are using the less-lethal PROTECTILE with their service weapons and ammunition.

PROTECTILE is an affordable less-lethal solution supporting communities to protect citizens and to save lives.

Less-lethal PROTECTILE:
  • Affordable less-lethal solution
  • Using existing service weapons
  • Using existing ammunition
  • Immediate use of live bullets after firing the PROTECTILE
  • No switching between less-lethal and lethal weapon
  • Operator stays armed at all times